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A documentary on the Alps' melting ice giants.

Composed by


2019 and 2022 HMMA Winner

Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Violin from Luanne Homzy
Mixed by Grammy Award Winner Eva Reistad

Behind the Score

The score gives voice to the glacier, blending beauty and drama to convey its grandeur and the urgency of its survival.

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Nominated at the

2023 Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Why This Score Deserves Recognition

  1. Glacier as Narrator: The glacier itself serves as the narrator of this remarkable story, and Sandrine Rudaz's music is its voice. The score becomes the very essence of the glacier, breathing life into its grandeur, its history, and its enduring battle for survival.

  2. Balancing Beauty and Drama: Sandrine Rudaz's music harmoniously blends the enchanting beauty of these glaciers with the profound drama of their diminishing existence. A sweeping, majestic theme was meticulously crafted to capture the glacier's grandeur, featuring a full orchestra, choir, and percussions. In contrast, other intimate passages, solely accompanied by piano and violin, magnify the drama within the narrative.

  3. Temporal duality: This exceptional score masterfully captures the dichotomy of time—where millennia-old glaciers move at an imperceptible pace, while the urgency of their contemporary plight accelerates. The resonant sound of piano hammers striking strings serves as an auditory metronome, emphasizing the relentless march of time, akin to the ticking of a clock.

  4. Awareness and Advocacy: The score plays a crucial role in amplifying awareness regarding the threat of climate change. It fosters a deep, personal connection between the audience and the glacier, motivating viewers to take proactive steps in preserving our environment and becoming dedicated stewards of our planet.

About Sandrine

Sandrine Rudaz is a Swiss-French composer based in Los Angeles. She has been recognized with a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination and two Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Her work for the short film “A” for Alpha (HBO) won Best Original Score at the Garden State Film Festival. 

Sandrine scored music for over forty films including scripted feature Fate of the Night and the documentary PARADiCE, the latter earning her another coveted Hollywood Music in Media nomination. She has also scored a number of short films such as the world acclaimed Kneeling Sheep. Also an accomplished pianist, Sandrine released her first album, Papillon, in 2019. She was also selected to attend the SESAC Workshop with renowned composer John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother). 
Sandrine's compositions blend her European classical piano roots with the breadth of her American training, crafting unique auditory experiences that enhance narratives and immerse audiences in the storyworlds. She is adept at composing for a spectrum of settings, from full orchestral arrangements to intimate pieces. Sandrine holds a
Master of Music in Film Composition from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Conservatory of Lausanne in Switzerland, and further studied orchestration at Stanford University. Beyond her individual achievements, Sandrine is a dedicated ambassador for the Primetime Network and a member of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, Society of Composers and Lyricists, and Women In Film. 

Selected Awards

  • Nominated - Independent Film (Foreign Language) - Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2023)

  • Best Original Music - The Telly Awards (2023)

  • Best Use of Music - The Communicator Awards (2023)

  • Best Music: Documentary - Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2022)

  • Best Original Score - Garden State Film Festival (2021)

  • Best Contemporary Classical - Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2019)

  • Nominated - Jerry Goldsmith Award (2019)

  • Best Orchestration - Garden State Film Festival (2019)

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John Swihart

Composer (How I Met Your Mother, Napoleon Dynamite)

Grammy Award Nominee

Sandrine is a marvelous composer whose musical instincts are always "dialed in" to the narrative of the film. Not only does she possess immense natural talent and broad knowledge of musical mechanics, but a discipline and focus that can bring a scene to life.

Bruce Dukov

Concertmaster (Hollywood Bowl

Orchestra from 1991 to 2007)

Having recorded in over 1800 motion picture soundtracks, I believe I have a good criterion for assessing composers. Sandrine has a very bright future in the film music business. She not only composes music in a very relevant style to serve the film, but she can also orchestrate and conduct her music, which many successful composers do not attempt.

Hummie Mann

Composer (Robin Hood, Thomas and the Magic Railroad)

2-time-Emmy Award Winner

Sandrine is an extremely talented composer who writes music perfectly appropriate in tone and dramatic impact.

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