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© 2020 by Sandrine Rudaz

For Your Consideration


HMMA-Winner, GMA Alumni

Composer & Original Score

The Temporal Show



About Sandrine

Swiss French HMMA-Winning composer Sandrine Rudaz creates emotionally compelling music for film, video games, and theatre.

Based in California, Sandrine has a proven track record of success bringing stories from talented directors to life, most notably the French play Blanc, which was performed over 25 times in France and Switzerland. Other notable experience includes writing and conducting orchestra music for animated film Star Bard, for which she won Best Orchestration at the 17th Garden State Film Festival, feature films such as The Shell and Aylesbury Estate, and short films such as the award-winning Kneeling Sheep. Sandrine’s work for full orchestra Aurore Boréale has been recognized with a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination, a Global Music Award, and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. The Hollywood Music in Media Academy honors original music for visual media from around the globe, with past winners including Alan Silvestri (Avengers: Endgame), Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther), Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born), and Alexandre Desplat (The Shape of Water). In 2018, she was selected to attend the SESAC Workshop with composer John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother). 

Sandrine is both exceptionally versatile—able to wield both full orchestra and a sparse piano and cello duo to devastating effect—and stylistically distinct, due to both her European classical piano training started at age 4 and American influences. She holds a Master of Music in Film Composition from the prestigious Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and has studied orchestration at Stanford University. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Switzerland’s Conservatory of Lausanne.

Selected Awards

  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards - Best Contemporary Classical (2019)

  • Jerry Goldsmith Award - Nominated  (2019)

  • FMC-Film Music Contest - Finalist (2019)

  • Global Music Awards, Silver and Bronze Medals (2019)

  • Best Orchestration from an Animation, 17th Garden State Film Festival (2019)

  • Venice Audio-Visual Show - “Aurore Boréale” selected to be showcased (2019)

  • Fidelio Piano Competition - Finalist (2019)

  • 2018 SESAC Scores Workshop with John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother)

  • Montreux Choral Festival - 2nd Jury Prize as Co-director of HEMU Choir (2019)

John Swihart

Composer (How I Met Your Mother, Napoleon Dynamite)

Grammy Award Nominee

Sandrine is a marvelous composer whose musical instincts are always "dialed in" to the narrative of the film. Not only does she possess immense natural talent and broad knowledge of musical mechanics, but a discipline and focus that can bring a scene to life.

Having recorded in over 1800 motion picture soundtracks, I believe I have a good criterion for assessing composers. Sandrine has a very bright future in the film music business. She not only composes music in a very relevant style to serve the film, but she can also orchestrate and conduct her music, which many successful composers do not attempt.

Bruce Dukov

Concertmaster Hollywood Bowl Orchestra 1991-2007

Hummie Mann

Composer (Robin Hood, Thomas and the Magic Railroad)

2-time-Emmy Award Winner

Sandrine is an extremely talented composer who writes music perfectly appropriate in tone and dramatic impact.